Today’s article is a review of Underdog Millionaire Pro. This is a new service in the binary options industry presented as an Auto Trader guaranteed to turn you into a millionaire. It is brought to you by alleged genius ‘Albert Friedemann’ and we have only one thing to report. is a scam website designed to lose you all your money. Read our review to find out why you shouldn’t be investing a single dollar into this sham software.


Overall Summary


Does It Feel Genuine? 

Not at all!

Scam Tactics: 


Reported Results: 

95% ITM

Are The Results Proven: 


Paid Actor Testimonials: 


Price / Cost: 

Free, deposit to assigned broker

Type Of Service: 

Automatic Trader


Underdog Millionaire Pro


Can Underdog Millionaire Pro prove any of its claims?

The Underdog Millionaire Pro website is pretty basic along with the video. There isn’t really much to go on when it comes to disproving any claims but we can work with the apparent founder Mr Albert Friedemann. The promotional video attempts to convince its viewers that this ‘amazing’ and ‘secret’ software was cooked up by some poor German super genius who couldn’t catch a break. This man isn’t even real. We tried to verify some of the claims in the video and there is nothing about him online. There are no Facebook or LinkedIn accounts matching the credentials mentioned and there certainly isn’t a trace of him in the binary options industry. Underdog Millionaire Pro is attempting to manipulate you with lies as soon as the video begins. They claim a 95% ITM rate which is pretty much impossible and very unrealistic and you shouldn’t invest a cent with this scam software.


Fake testimonial/social proof?

We noticed that even the scammer behind Underdog Millionaire Pro doesn’t bother putting his face to this sham website. There are no testimonials used or any photos of alleged users which is probably because they know we will just uncover their lies anyway. There are no links on the site to any Facebook group or a Twitter feed for Underdog Millionaire Pro. The only things we found on Google were other reviews from other respected blogs declaring this software a scam which gives us more reason to tell our readers to steer well clear of this bogus product. They spin you lies about how the system can make you a millionaire in a matter of months when in reality the only ones making money are the schemers behind this. The is literally no information on this product or the Underdog Millionaire Pro site that alludes to anything being real about this software it is simply a scam.


Scam tactics/final thoughts

The promotion video for Underdog Millionaire pro states that this ‘offer’ could disappear at any time and that this could be your only chance to get signed up. This is pretty much the number one gimmick used when it comes to binary options scams. It is a psychological tactic to make you believe that this could be the only time to sign up when in reality this will be available for as long as people are still signing up to it. You’re told the Underdog Millionaire Pro software could generate millions for you when the reality is that it is not possible so such a small deposit. This entire site is very poorly made and put together. The video is a cheap and quick make voiced over by either an actor or even a computer and there is no actual information or proof of this software in action or even working. There is no room for doubt from us when it came to giving the website our verdict:


Underdog Millionaire Pro is a horrible SCAM!


You can avoid scams like these by staying vigilant online when it comes to investing in the binary options market. You should always read respected blogs and check the comments sections for honest experiences from other traders. You can head over to our Trusted Signals page to find out about the verified and proven methods for making money with binary options. We recently tried and tested Copy Buffett and we’re pretty happy with our daily results. They offer above 80% ITM rates which is more than enough to make consistent profit with any software! You can check out our in-depth review in our blog or head straight over to Copy Buffett site here. Thanks for reading our article and feel free to share this on social media sites to help out other traders in avoiding scams like Underdog Millionaire Pro.