Orion Code isn’t worth your time or money!

The Orion code is the newest auto-trader scam to hit the scene. But unlike most auto-traders this one lacks both imagination and originality. Subscribers were lucky enough to receive an email invitation offering Orion Code’s unique opportunity of making truckloads of cash on a daily basis. The innovative system promises its investors overvalued promises of $10,000 (for first time users) to $100,000 within 30 days of using the Orion code software. The aim of Orion Code is to turn you into a millionaire overnight. That simple, right? Wrong!

When you access OrionCode.org, providing you are in the correct location, the 40-minute long (emphasis on long) video attempts to persuade its innocent victims through the means of a magnitude of lies. According to CEO and founder of the Orion Code, Edward Robinson, the no loss software can predict none less than 100% winning ratio on financial markets. Alongside this once in a lifetime opportunity the software can also exclude the trader. Orion Code allegedly uses NQS technology to guarantee its users riches beyond their wildest dreams. This NQS technology supposedly claims to use Orion Speed technology which turns over trades quicker than ever. This, according to philanthropist Edward Robinson, is what accumulates to no losses and 100% winning ratios that we can’t hear enough of. In addition to this, the creator boasts that Orion Code will never lose a single trade and is therefore always one step ahead of any service placing trades on markets. But in spite of this no-loss guarantee, Edward Robinson also states he will pay you $5,000 out of his own pocket if you fail otherwise. Do these promises ring any alarm bells? That is because Orion Code’s ‘original’ presentation video endorses the same ludicrous promises and scam as Quantum Code.

Let’s get down to the underlying lies and secrets of the Orion Code scam.



First of all, Orion Code’s content is not available in the UK which instantly rings alarm bells. However depending on how temperamental it is sometimes UK computers do allow access. This factor makes me question how many countries the software is actually available in. Another indicator that screams ‘scam’ is the main actor within the video presentation. Some of our frequent readers will recognise him in a heartbeat. Our multi-millionaire hero and CEO/founder of the Orion Code Edward Robinson has also made a debut appearance in Quantum Code’s video presentation, starring as Michael Crawford. Based on this coincidence alone we wouldn’t doubt the same is backed by the same liars who created the Quantum Code.

The lack of originality in Orion Code’s video presentation does not stop there either. The duplicate message uses the same script to make the same over exaggerated promises to its unsuspecting subscribers essentially through the same scam – to become a millionaire overnight. Earning tens of thousands of dollars in such a short space of time is unquestionably misleading information. But that is exactly what Orion Code endorses to its viewers. Do not believe it! The copied service also insists its fast and innovative trading accounts have not failed to predict the correct direction of the market since 2006. Orion Code claims to have made its previous 350 members millionaires just last year. However after a brief look on Whois.net you can instantly see that this phony domain was only registered on September 12th 2016.


Moreover the similarities between Orion Code and Quantum Code are uncanny. Quantum Code was exposed in June of this year for its bogus trading accounts. Even the distinctive private jet in the background of Orion Code’s video presentation is the same as the one used in Quantum Code’s video presentation. How stupid can you be to use something THAT distinctive is used in two presentations? I mean, clearly this is both phony and low budget. To solidify the absolute sham of Orion Code we only need to look at the common signifiers of a scam. The first is the “VIP” spots it offers to a handful of users left – this is clearly a tell-tale sign of forgery. If Orion Code really was established in 2006 there’s no doubt these “VIP” spots would have been filled a long time prior to you or I accessing the domain. Another sign is the reinforcement of 350 previous members who have since become millionaires. Orion Code are barely even conservative in their exaggerations, it almost feels like their rule is ‘over the top or nothing’ in this situation.


Orion Code site countdown

Even the ‘countdown’ to membership resets itself to 35 minutes every time you access the site and it doesn’t stop there. The website is so terrible the video has stopped working altogether.


The last and most legitimate indicator to signify Orion Code is a scam is a simple Google of the company itself. As soon as you hit ‘search’ you are bombarded with websites, news articles and videos picking apart this phony code for what it really is; a bogus binary. The copycat application will only suck your wallets dry and no doubt be back in another couple of months under a new alias, realistically with the same video presentation.

This too good to be true is quite obviously a scam so please avoid it at all costs! The intentions of Orion Code are to trick you and I into depositing your hard earned savings, only to be instantly swallowed into the scams pockets. This is without a shadow of a doubt a classic auto-trader scam that we hear way too much of as of late. If we can give you any advice it would be to steer clear of Orion Code to save yourself any losses and keep your eyes peeled for our reviews of legitimate systems.

VERDICT: Orion Code is a lazy duplicate scam!



If you are interested in trying a profitable software we would recommend using SnapCash binary. Read our full Snapcash binary review. The platform was created by a Austin Ford. Ford began developing an algorithm as a simple hobby for his own investment purposes which quickly developed to become what we now know as SnapCash Binary. SnapCash binary is a manual trader. This allows the users to simply click “yes” or “no” to trading opportunities which makes it simpler for the trader – whether new or experienced. The binary system also provides an auto trading option in which traders can switch between “on” and “off” and choose the intensity of trades available to them. This ranges from ‘low’ (1 trade) to ‘high’ (5 traders). Quite clearly those who are experienced in the trading field and able to juggle multiple traders should choose the ‘high’ option. Those who are less experienced or new to the game can start off slow and avoid any risks.


After choosing the risk level of your trade you can then choose the amount of money you would like to invest. Traders are asked to invest anything from $25-$100. This, if anything, endorses security whilst trading. By allowing you to choose both the risk factor and amount of money you’d like to invest you’re given the options of individual security, time management, limitation of loss and general control of your own money.

SnapCash binary software is also completely free to use, so even if you don’t feel like SnapCash binary is working for you there’s a cost-free opt out. The binary is also working on a new update to offer its users even more profit. Obviously we still warn our readers to be conservative with their investments. Don’t go head first into any binary without reading our reviews and taking manual trading one step at a time. But fromo what we can tell SnapCash binary is a legitimate trading software that isn’t trying to scam its users out of thousands of pounds. Therefore providing you start small you may find yourself earning a little extra pocket money.