We have something extraordinary to report to our Binary Options Underground readers. This article will be a comprehensive review of NEO2. This platform is by far the most cutting edge and revolutionary auto trader of 2016. The brand new platform is brought to you by a group of three men who might just become the golden trio in the binary options industry. NEO2 software is like nothing we’ve seen before and we can’t begin to tell you the hype this is causing among the blogger community. We can tell you now that Michael Freeman has been heavily involved with this project and has brought in some experts to deliver something we know will be worth your time and money. You can keep reading our NEO2 software review to find out why we’re so excited to be releasing our opinion and will be getting right in on what we believe are pretty much guaranteed profits!



Overall Summary

Does It Feel Genuine?  


Scam Tactics:  


Reported Results:  

85%+ ITM rate

Are The Results Proven:  


Paid Actor Testimonials:  


Price / Cost:  

Free for Beta Testers, requires deposit to broker

Type Of Service:  

Automatic Trader




Can this Auto Trader prove any of its claims?

Here’s the deal with that Binary Options Underground uncovered about the outstanding NEO2 software. Every trader who is a part of the binary options world knows the biggest name in the industry and that is Michael Freeman. He is the original guy who started busting all these scams and became our ‘Watchdog’. He is the face of thousands of YouTube videos and the founder of ‘Mikes Binary Options Signals’ and you could even say that this NEO2 software is like the automated version of Mikes trading group. He and weather expert Jack Piers decided they needed a programmer to transform Jacks incredible weather system into an interface for an Automatic Trader for the industry that Michael Freeman knows so much about. Amit Gupta is the lead programmer for the breathtaking NEO2 software and also the president of this company. The three guys have come together to form something that we believe is going to change the industry forever. Amit Gupta walks you through the setup and explains what each of the three buttons do in this easy to use three Click Software.  As explained in the NEO2 software review video Jacks Solar Tracking platform considers all the influential factors that have an impact on the price levels of commodities being traded every day. Binary Options Underground loved the fact the promotional video has a how to use and set up the software section. The NEO2 software offered an 85% ITM rate during the initial testing phase which is more than 8 out of 10 winning trades and is a highly profitable and sustainable income generator. The website claims this auto trader can make you up to $4000 dollars a week which Binary Options Underground believes to be possible. Do not expect these sorts of returns if you have a small account size. Your account will have to grow let to at least a few thousand dollars before you begin to see these sorts of gains.




Fake testimonials or social proof?

There are not one single crappy testimonial during the video coming from actors or people claiming to have made money with the software because this is NEO2 software’s pre-launch campaign for the public. They developed software that forecasts powerful trends of environmental impacts days or even weeks in advance which allows the software to make a trade before the rest of the market catches up. Michael Freeman even states in the video that this is ‘like having access to trade secrets’. Binary Options Underground wants to emphasize the fact that Michael Freeman is not only endorsing the NEO2 product but is part of it. He is a powerful man with connections all over this industry and for him to put his name and belief in this system well we’re excited and you should be too. Michael Freeman Jack Piers and Amit Gupta are all who they claim to be! The NEO2 software team are real people with relevant backgrounds who have come together to bring a trading bot that has real concept behind it and can truly be set apart from the rest of some disappointing Auto Traders that fill this industry with dread.  There are even short presentations explaining the NEO2 software in the promotional video from actual people from real media outlets such as Wired and Technology Review including Jesse Heiman the guy from that infamous GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial from 2013. Usually scams mention news companies like BBC  where in reality there is nothing to back this up.


Are there any scam tactics used on the NEO2 website?

The NEO2 software website doesn’t have any of the usual gimmicks that scams have to offer. If you check the site you will see that the release dates actually match up to the website creation date according to WhoIs. What’s even greater about this whole platform is that right now for any focus group member who signs up before the final Kickstarter launch NEO2 software is free!! The Financial investor William Van Loon is one of the initial testers and wants to price this platform at $7900 per year for the Final Launch. Getting in on the Pre-Launch Focus group ensures lifetime free membership. It is essential that start up companies like NEO2 to receive feedback from testing and this platform has been tested! Michael Freeman’s own signals trading group with thousands of real members tested and verified the software! Also included in the testing was Mr Van Loon who stated in the video that it took less than an hour to know he just had to invest! Our NEO2 software review uncovered that you won’t find any fake countdown or “spots left” gimmicks on the site and there are no threats that this platform will be gone tomorrow if you don’t sign up. This site promises longevity which you can see just from the Kickstarter campaign that will be the final launch of the NEO2 platform expected in October this year. We are extremely happy to bring you this positive review of cutting edge software that uses science to make profits and we are happy to give you our verdict:


The NEO2 software is a VERIFIED SERVICE and is NOT a scam!


You can head over to the website here at NEO2.co to sign up for this spectacular software that is most definitely not a scam! You should also head to google to find other reviews on this product so you can be certain that investing your money into this will be well worth your time.  You can check out our Trusted Signals page to find other verified services available in the binary options industry and our blog to find out about the latest scams.

We hope that our NEO2 software review has given you everything you need to get started. However, if you do have any further questions then please fire us an email at [email protected] We would love to hear from you and will try to get back to you as soon as possible!