Today’s Binary Options Underground article is a review of Auto Trading software ‘Midnight Money Machine’. The service is brought to you by alleged CEO Mr Jeff  Farrell who claims to be the owner of a company named JF Media. The Midnight Money Machine software is full of outlandish claims. We think our readers should be avoiding and this review aims to provide a list of comprehensive reasons as to why.


Overall Summary

Does It Feel Genuine? 

Not at all!

Scam Tactics: 


Reported Results: 

Up to $6000 per day

Are The Results Proven: 


Paid Actor Testimonials: 


Price / Cost: 

Free, deposit to assigned broker

Type Of Service: 

Automatic Trader


Midnight Money Machine



Can Midnight Money Machine prove any of its claims?

Binary Options Underground like to start with trying to verify whatever claims a system makes. The Midnight Money Machine owner Jeff Farrell states that they have worked on the software for over five years perfecting their strategy. Now according to our favorite domain age checking website WhoIs Lookup tells us that Midnight Money Machine has been up and running for just 11 days. It was registered on the 18th of May 2016 which is a far cry from the five years Jeff Farrell stated. We’d also like to point out that the only version of Jeff Farrell we see is what is quite clearly a stolen stock image. We see no video footage of him because the voice behind this obvious scam is just a voice over Actor. Jeff is no more than a fictional character created by the schemers behind Midnight Money Machine. There is also no evidence online that can verify that JF Media is a real company and especially none that lists a Jeff Farrell as an employee. We have no doubts that Midnight Money Machine is a bogus to say the least.


Fake testimonials/social proof

The only testimonials  used in the Midnight Money Machine scam were written email screenshots. Before we go into details about these we at Binary Options Underground would like to point out that these are so easily faked and even more so when they are stilled images. You should never believe screenshots of anything like written testimony or bank or account balances are they cannot be trusted. In the first email from ‘Lindsey’ it states she has made between 3-6 grand each day which added up to over $25 thousand dollars. Underneath her supposed profits she states she ‘forgot’ to turn the Auto Trader on for the Saturday but remembered for the Sunday gaining her an extra $2,000. We find this  funny and would love to know how she managed to make those profits considering there’s no trading on the weekends! We really thought by now that the people behind scams like Midnight Money Machine would at least make sure the facts added up. We also couldn’t find any Facebook or LinkedIn profiles that matched Jeff’s face and name so we couldn’t validate any of his credentials. This give us even more reason to discredit everything in the Midnight Money Machine as phony.


Midnight Money Machine


Scam tactics/final thoughts

All of the Binary Options Underground readers should know by now that claims for a software being able to generate six thousand dollars a night is highly unrealistic. Midnight Money Machine simply cannot produce those kinds of winnings since no Auto Trader would be able to produce that. The Midnight Money Machine website is quite basic and only has its promotional video on the web page to sell itself to you. Although the site may not have the usual scam gimmicks don’t let this fool you this software is just as shady as other scams we’ve busted in the past! Farrell claims that he can help you profit overnight when the markets are quieter but this makes no sense! The markets are always busy no matter your time as in different time zones it is a completely different time! We can only urge the Binary Options Underground readers to avoid this site and we absolutely discourage you from signing up. With All the lies that Jeff Farrell and his fake company JF Media tell you there is only one possible verdict:


Midnight Money Machine is a SCAM!


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