This article will be a comprehensive review of a new scam software doing the rounds – Free Money Guaranteed. This is brought to you by alleged CEO and founder Robert Anderson who presents an auto trader claiming absolutely ridiculous ITM and profit rates. You can read our full review to find out why Free Money Guaranteed is  binary options scam that simply must be avoided by anyone who comes into contact with the website.

Overall Summary

Does It Feel Genuine? 

Not at all!

Scam Tactics: 


Reported Results: 

$350,00+ a month…

Are The Results Proven: 


Paid Actor Testimonials: 


Price / Cost: 

Free, deposit to assigned broker

Type Of Service: 

Automatic Trader


Free Money Guaranteed


Can Free Money Guaranteed Money prove any of its claims?

Let’s start with the outright stupid claims of the Free Money Guaranteed site and promotional video. Firstly Mr Anderson states he will personally give you one hundred thousand dollars in cash if you don’t make his ‘guaranteed’ amounts of profit. This is a lie – how on earth would he deliver that? Also we checked all over the place online and couldn’t find anyone who had received this money after losing miserably with this scam. There is absolutely no way you can make nearly half a million from a small deposit like $250 and especially not in a single month like Free Money Guaranteed claims. Furthermore we found nothing online to verify that Mr Anderson was even real including his work history at ‘Hedge Fund’ as he says in the promo video. There were no Facebook or LinkedIn accounts with his face or name and there was certainly no information on respected news sites like Bloomberg News or The Guardian. Free Money Guaranteed is full of lies and false promises from start to finish.


Fake testimonials/social proof?

We’ll begin with the bake screenshots of insane amounts of profits apparently generated by Free Money Guaranteed. If you look closely some are dated February and in the video Robert claims he’s made several millionaires since January this year. According to WhoIs lookup the site has been registered since the seventh of April 2016. We don’t need to point out the obvious here but you’d think by now these scams would at least try and make their lies believable. With all that in mind we bring you to the alleged beta testers of the Free Money Guaranteed software. Not one of their claims can be true or real since the site hasn’t been up and running long enough to have made the profits they state they have made. It is so easy to disprove all the assertions they try to have you believe and this is just more reasoning behind our urging of our readers to steer well clear of Free Money Guaranteed.


Free Money Guaranteed


Scam tactics/final thoughts?

The Free Money Guaranteed video presentation is definitely up there with our top five most outrageous scam promos. It is so obviously that the schemers behind this scam hired a mansion to parade in front of  viewers hoping to make a better life for themselves. His ‘wife’ we certain is a hired actress too! These are cruel psychological tactics used to trick you guys into thinking you can achieve these things if you fall for their scam. The Free Money Guaranteed website also has the usual gimmicks these scams have like the spots left counter and a pressurizing timer telling you that your chance to sign up is running out. None of these are true and no matter how many times you let the timer run out as soon as you refresh the page its back up to 20+ minutes and there are always 7 spots available. This entire scam is a joke! We don’t even see what the system looks like we only see a broker account! It is because of this we are 100% sure of our final verdict:


Free Money Guaranteed is a nasty SCAM!


You can stay vigilant when it comes to avoiding scams online by always checking review sites from respected members of the binary options industry. Always read the comments sections for real peoples real experiences with any software. You can head over to our Trusted Signals page to find out about any verified services like the newest release NEO2. The NEO2 software is pretty outstanding in our books considering it is being endorsed by none other than Michael Freeman. It offers a cool sustainable income with 85% ITM success rates. You can read our full in depth review here or head straight over to the NEO2 website to get started! Thank you for reading our article and don’t hesitate to share this review to help other traders avoid scams.