Dow Jones delivers the world’s most breaking news in financial and business information. It is for this reason, one of the most trusted insights into the world of trading and market statistics. One section of the industry we have certainly made our minds up on is the Dow Jones Focus Group. Read on and we’re certain you will come to the same conclusion we have.

The Dow Jones Focus Group really does work!

So here we are, congratulations! You have finally found an auto trader that is worthy of your investment. There are no mad gimmicks to make you think the Dow Jones Focus Group software is anything but successful. The webpage is a clean simple design. The testimonials are clearly legitimate and from the heart. But most importantly, all your questions have been answered!

The specific software being promoted by the Dow Jones Focus Group is named Equinox. For those of you who don’t know, Equinox is used by an extensive number of reputable binary options companies worldwide. It is one of the most popular amongst the financial markets. Take our word for it! Dow Jones Focus Group is certainly getting a lot of positive attention across google.


After a lengthy yet clear look into the Dow Jones Focus, the video presentation that actually gives us an insight into the realistic expectations of this software. Jeffrey, our host, is quite keen to explain that this method will not make you a millionaire overnight or even in a few months’ time. The high performance shown is actually achievable, unlike the software in a lot of the scams we review. The outstanding Dow Jones Focus Group software is definitely a simple system that will help you make extra money on the side with little effort. The thing we find quite refreshing here, is this software will help anyone with the right mind-set make a fair bit of cash. You’re presented with several options, depending on how you want to trade. You can allow the Dow Jones Focus Group software trade by itself or for you to make trades manually when you please. Both of which are leaving users happy and with with amazing profits. have made it very clear that the Equinox method works. The testimonial videos and news feed clearly show that there’s a real stir around this exciting new find. With positive reviews from huge websites of BuzzFeed, Business Insider, CNN and Sky News all reporting on its’ success. They aren’t shy to answer all those nitty gritty questions you want to ask, and we get to see real user reviews which is so refreshing in comparison to the usual dud actors.

Dow Jones Focus Group Testimonials

Obviously, as with every trading robot, the Equinox software as referred to in the Dow Jones Focus Group does not have a 100% success rate. But as we all know, its ridiculous to expect that you will never lose a trade. However, as you can see for yourself, the method has been tried and tested and indeed works – giving customers an 80% success rate. We would encourage people to watch Jeffrey’s full video to get all the details, but we are giving the green light for this software. Don’t forget to check out our blog for all our latest scam updates and please share your experience with below.