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We’re back today with a review for a great new binary options auto trading software that just can’t be ignored. Presenting Copy Buffett! We want to give you some credible and informative reasons as to why we here at Binary Options Underground feel that  will be one of the best auto traders we will see in 2016! Read our review in full and don’t forget to check out the trading results below!

Lets start with some background information from the Copy Buffett creator Jeremy Fin. We couldn’t find much about this guy online from places such as Facebook or Linkedin but, for once, this didn’t worry us! This was mainly because he isn’t claiming to be some crazy rich millionaire, meaning he didn’t pay for a load of fiverr news releases to make him appear better than he is. He also isn’t claiming he created the holy grail of Binary Options software, which is certainly refreshing! For that reason it isn’t surprising that there is little information about Fin on google. Not to worry though as practically every majorly trusted blog is raving about how great this software is.  We’re not going to lie, at first we thought that Fin might claim that Warren Buffett was associated with this software or that he is endorsing of it in some way during the video presentation on So you can imagine the sigh of relief when he was humble in saying that he only took inspiration for Buffett’s style of trading and that the software was more of a tribute to him.


We’ve had an absolutely HUGE amount of emails detailing the amazing results people have been getting. One guy said that the outstanding  Copy Buffett software took 13 trades and 11 of them came in the money that day! He then went on to explain that he got above 80% ITM on a consistent basis. Amazing! We decided to go through some videos of people using the software and I have to say that the results are amazing! Check out this brilliant Copy Buffett review from Binary Options Opportunity


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We believe that offering a 30 free day trial with Copy Buffett is a good and risk free way for users to dip their toes and test the waters a little before they have to commit to anything. It’s important to know that if a genuine and trustworthy product exists, it wouldn’t make sense for them to offer a free trial as no one would then go ahead and buy it if it didn’t work. To us this acts as further proof that these guys have absolutely nothing to hide, In fact appear to be a extremely humble bunch of experts. Payment for the Copy Buffett software is pretty simple after the 30 day trial period. Rather than paying thousands of dollars to buy the service you are asked to have a profit share every month instead. The payment plan is stated as 5% of your month profit. This is incredibly fair and ensures that the software only makes money when you make money. What more could anyone want? We couldn’t think of any fairer way to do business! This is definitely one of the strongest reasons we sighed a breath of fresh air whilst we writing our Copy Buffet review.

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As we took a step back and looked at the face of the Copy Buffett software we soon realised we weren’t shown any of the usual gimmicks that most binary options scams have. With the amazing Copy Buffett service there were no pressurising timers or limited spaces trying to get you to sign up. There were no highly over the top testimonials showing us exotic holidays that the software had managed to help them take. It is just a clean site without any misleading claims or bogus  and outrageous claims of impossibly high ITM rates or  tens of thousands of dollars to be made in just a day. Jeremy states that you can double your investment with a couple of weeks which is more than realistic when it comes to trading. We are also pleased to inform you that we could not find any paid actors from places like Fiverr and there didn’t seam to be any fake companies endorsing this product which is always a good sign. We would also like to note that  the system seemed pretty concise and straightforward for usage. It is easy to navigate to your strength and trade size settings and turning the auto trader on is done with just a click of a button. The fact that you can alter your risk settings at any point seemed like a pretty sweet deal to us. If this software was any kind of scam then surely they would not allow you to do this as they would want to clear out your deposited funds as soon as they could. We’re fairly certain that CopyBuffet is the real deal.

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Copy Buffett WORKS and it is NOT a Scam!


If you looked for this review then you must have had your doubts about the Copy Buffett Software. We hope that this review has given you enough insight as to why we are giving it our verdict! You should always be cautious of any new systems or auto trading software and should most definitely check with trusted blogs and only reviews before depositing your money. You can be sure to stick to good clean groups by checking out our Trusted Signals page and finding the best services in the binary options industry.

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