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Code Fibo is one of few genuine software services. Contrary to common misconception there are actually profitable services out there – hard to believe, we know! Binary Options Underground took a more in-depth look at this service. Read on to see what we discovered!

So what exactly is Code Fibo? Well, firstly Code Fibo is an auto trader. The trader uses Fibonacci trading sequences (also known as “Golden Ratio”) to drive its success. All you mathematic enthusiasts will know the ins and outs of Fibonacci sequences but for those of you who don’t we will explain a bit deeper how they work later on in this review.

This auto trader uses a technical indicator that many professional traders use called Fibonacci. Fibonacci ratios are used Forex trading, which is simply a global decentralised foreign exchange market (forex, FX or currency market) for the trading of currencies. This includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies, but less about those frivolous details! Code Fibo uses this naturally occurring number sequence as its secret weapon. The app can be used as a tool to calculate price calculations and solve other practical merchant calculations to optimize your trading. Also, unlike most auto traders Code Fibo pays a commission to someone for each web link or website you use! This sequence is also used by a lot of traders.

Whether you have extensively researched Fibonacci sequences or you’re a complete rookie, you don’t have to worry. The Code Fibo app will automate all the calculations for you to turn over the best profit. When you are on the server you have an option to turn on “auto trade” which allows those without any experience to earn a modest amount of cash. Pretty straight forward, eh? There are a range of features that you can expect to see when you register for the Code Fibo Software that will ease your mind if you’re worried about potential scam aspects. The trader gives instant access to full automation for new traders but also provides manual signals for those who prefer to take control of their trades. Alongside these features are a generating of 80 trades per week with an astonishing success ratio of 82%.

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Code Fibo can also be used on any computer or mobile device, unlike other auto traders which restrict you to specific devices, giving it easy access from anywhere. The auto trader is available world-wide across pretty much every country besides those which restrict binary options trading, so in many ways the options are unlimited.

One thing we did discover during my research was a limited amount of seats for Code Fibo. We found that the first 25 users will gain access to a “slightly more experimental version of Code Fibo software”. By this point most of the seats have probably already gone. However if the software continues to innovate and develop alongside its popularity they might extend the number of seats.As we have previously stated this auto trader is highly recommended as it’s simple and effective. Code Fibo is a simplistic app which requires minimal research or effort to turn over a healthy profit. But for the avoidance of doubt, let’s walk through the fundamentals of Fibonacci.

Leonardo Pisano (nicknamed Fibonacci) was an Italian mathematician who discovered a common naturally occurrence in number sequences, known as the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where a number is found by adding the two previous numbers before it together. Starting with 0, the basic sequence goes: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etcetera etcetera. Simple!

In forex trading terms the Fibonacci ratios basically utilize this basic concept but with the key market ratios of 23.6%, 38.2% and 61.8%. Although research conducted by other blogs state the main ratios used are 38.2%, 50% and 61.8%. These percentages are then rounded to 38%, 50% and 62%. Clearly there are some similarities between the two separate cases but we doubt it particularly matters as the application automatically trades for you. Anyway! These horizontal lines created by the percentages are then used to identify the possible price reversal points. Once these are determined the Code Fibo app then uses these ratios as a backbone for their auto trader. The sequence itself is actually so widespread it has led to a new branch of trading analysis called Elliot Waves.

Who’s the man behind Code Fibo? Professor Mathew Lewis is an academic who developed the software and is now marketing his successes. He has spent the past five years researching markets to determine a strategy that utilizes both a high percentage and all market conditions for profit maximisation. The guy claims he found certain strategies would be profitable in one condition but sufficiently disadvantaged in another. He analysed crowd sentiment instead of market condition and thus stumbled across this solution!

From watching the featured video on we found the application uses small incremental increases to minimise the risk of loss. The video was also updated today which is promising. If you can find the time to watch the opening video you will see a test subject by the name of “Hilary” trying the server for herself. She starts off with a small balance of $250 which rapidly increases after the small period of thirty seconds.Another great aspect of Code Fibo is it doesn’t make any exaggerated claims or overvalued promises about profiting a significant amount of money from the app. Unlike other traders that brag of riches beyond your wildest dreams, Code Fibo estimates a small yet gainful sum of $7000.

Finally a great aspect of this software is it analyses the market condition instead of guessing. Because of this simple factor there appears to be a lot of accuracy in the application. Obviously markets change constantly which makes it hard to keep up-to-date with the assets of trading. But Code Fibo promises an accuracy of 97% (77 trades out of 80 with a $90 profit on each trade). By taking advantage of the shifts in market trends we can expect to see even at minim 66 to 70 trades from Code Fibo.So far there have been four significantly successful users, ranging from Steve Vilmore (who accumulated a profit of $12,658) to Allen Mazenkas (profit of $9,347). We did a quick google search of all the images used by each reviewer and nothing out of the ordinary popped up. From that itself the service feels even more legitimate.

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Many review sites support the successes of Code Fibo due to one sole reason: it counters against following one single trend. A lot of auto trader sites fail because they have been designed to follow a certain trend whereas Code Fibo uses the Fibonacci sequence to adapt to each type of market. This distinguishes it from the rest.

To summarise this review, we would suggest being cautious as you would with any auto trader. Whether you are new to trading or experienced there is an obvious point of using your common sense as with any trader. But as far we can tell the trader appears to be legit. Other review sites have tested the trader for themselves and from their research have found themselves making a $7000; as the site states. Code Fibo has accumulated an extensive amount of five star reviews and recommendations across the net; a rarity to say the least! If this review has sparked your interest then check out for yourself. Best of luck everyone!

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