Today’s scam under the spotlight is Bitcoin Money Machine. This new auto-trader claims to reap fortunes for its users daily with an end of year promise of $1,000,000. However there certainly isn’t a jackpot from this Money Machine – instead this terrible binary options auto trader drains your trading account as soon as you deposit your hard earned savings.

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The most recent of scams, Bitcoin Money Machine is a new program that monitors and executes trades on a complete auto-pilot mode with an impressive 98.6% accurate winning ratio. Straight away the introductory video plays on a suffocating time frame to entice its victims – one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Bitcoin Money Machine was created by a so-called “Warren Young”. Young claims to be an “underground” trader who exploits global opportunities in the financial markets, including of course binary options markets. But Warren Young is not a real person, trader or investor. Many review sites have attempted to trace his identity through online social sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter but nothing has turned up as yet.  Warren also states all trading funds are insured by Bitcoin Money Machine with their own selection of brokers. This isn’t the case.

Traders who want to withdraw their so-called profits from Bitcoin Money Machine can do so by placing an order before 2pm to have their funds in their account at the end of that same day. If you place an order after 2pm, Warren Young promises to deposit your money at the following business day.

As such Bitcoin Money Machine offers 100 select places (12 in the UK alone) to random people all over the world, if they’re quick enough.  This elaborate plan to trick you guys into signing up is bogus and completely obvious at first glance. No matter how many times you access the website you are congratulated on your luck to achieve a place. It’s fairly obvious that such a small amount of exclusive places would disappear within merely a few hours of the scam’s advertisement. Even now the places are still open which in itself is suspicious.

It seems too good to be true, right? Exactly. As it stands the scam has absolutely nothing in common with the binary options industry. Bitcoin Money Machine promises the opportunity to profit up to $25,000 per day, accumulating to $1,000,000 by the end of the year. The narrator states the $1,000,000 profit as an “honest reality”, especially since all funds generated through Bitcoin Money Machines are 100% insured… This unmissable offer so to speak is “not around for long”. So how, in that case, are Bitcoin Money Machine’s users supposed to make such a crazy profit if the trader is uncertain in its own estimation of availability?

Faked facebook comments / statuses from the website

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According to the website’s introductory video Bitcoin Money Machine uses a falsified artificial intelligence known as an “EMELI platform”. The narrator of the video brags of rumours about “EMELI” and its deep learning capabilities, it states the same technology is used by mega corporations like IBM. Artificial is certainly correct in this context and the profit you most definitely will not make, the only authentic aspect of this scam is the extraction of your hard earned funds the moment you make a deposit.

The artificial intelligence that Bitcoin Money Machine uses is programmed  to monitor the particular rises and falls in digital currency linked to Bitcoin (an example used by the introductory video is Japanese yen). Once there is a change in Bitcoin pricing EMELI detects these trades and acts automatically to profit its users. These opportunities that rise from Bitcoin are labelled as “money machines” by Bitcoin Money Machine. The trader distributes five money machines to its users for them to exploit easily for a profit of $5,000 a day. As such, Bitcoin Money Machine’s advertisement states EMELI has currently identified 1,203 opportunities (or “money machines”). But unfortunately for Bitcoin Money Machine this is all bogus. These types of algorithms or trading methods cannot actually be applied into all binary options trading. Only a select few can be applied and even then they must change themselves to fit the trends in markets.

Whether you are fresh meat to the trading industry or a seasoned trader, everybody has heard of bitcoin, right? Bitcoin is a digital currency that has swept the internet in recent years. Supposedly this dark and mysterious entity-like platform known as “EMELI” has the ability to execute only Bitcoin trades. From here you are advised to open a trading account with one of their suggested brokers, in which case you will only really get Bitcoin trades out of it. However this factor contradicts itself entirely. Other review sites have noted that there are only a handful of brokers who support the Bitcoin, which means the whole story is completely irrelevant.

Let’s talk about this incredibly unrealistic 98.6% winning ratio. Basically, there is no such thing as an accurate percentage this high. It is seemingly impossible to achieve such a high success rate in any financial market, let alone the bitcoin industry. EMELI has apparently identified 1,203 opportunities already for you to exploit, which seems unreasonable.

Furthermore, the site also claims to be approved by well-known security processors such as AVG, McAfee Secure, Norton and Qualys SSL. But it’s pretty obvious to see how terribly photoshopped these approvals are. In line with this is the tacky presentation of the page. Clearly we can see the improper presentation of Bitcoin Money Machine is questionable, if the site can offer such a staggering amount of money to its users it could also spruce up its layout. As a rule of thumb no legit trading service would present themselves this unprofessionally.

Lastly the Facebook approvals like most scams are quite obviously fake. A lot of pointers suggest this from first glance let alone research. For instance, the dates of each review are not in chronological order which is completely out of the ordinary.

We at Bionary Options Underground can tell you right here and now that Bitcoin Money Machine is a definite scam. If you do come across its website or another along similar lines (by “luck” as the site states) then avoid it at all costs! There are auto traders that can actually make profits, not gigantic at first but much more realistic returns. Read our code fibo review here to find out more