Today’s Binary Options Underground article is a review of the Bank Tracker Bot software. It is an Auto Trading software brought to you by alleged CEO of Mr Michael George. It is important to us that all our readers read this complete review but making decisions about investing with this Bank Tracker Bot considering we don’t trust this software or its claims of a 98.7% ITM rate.


Overall Summary

Does It Feel Genuine? 

Not at all!

Scam Tactics:


Reported Results: 

Over $3000 per day

Are The Results Proven: 


Paid Actor Testimonials: 

False written testimony.

Price / Cost: 

Free, deposit to assigned broker

Type Of Service: 

Automatic Trader


Bank Tracker Bot


Can Bank Tracker Bot prove any of its claims?

When it comes to proving the facts that Bank Tracker Bot offers it wasn’t hard for us at Binary Options Underground to disprove many of this phony scam claims. We tried to verify Michael George’s identity by looking for profiles on social media sites that matched his face and name. We couldn’t find him on Facebook or LinkedIn or even Google+ to validate any of his credentials. This should always raise a red flag and it definitely does with the Bank Tracker Bot system. Michael tries to fill the viewers with his supposed backstory but with what he explains it seemed to us that he wasn’t describing an Auto Tracker. He said that he placed two separate $600 trades and made $1000 then $1150 and not only is this stupid by our books if he had no trading experience but sounds like manual trading. How exactly does this Bank Tracker Bot work as an automatic machine if you are manually placing trades? Notice how there is also no live demonstration or even screenshots of how the software looks? This is most likely because the cowards behind the Bank Tracker Bot barely have anything put together once they have cheated their way to your hard earned money!


Bank Tracker Bot


Fake testimonials/social proof

Binary Options Underground found that the only alleged users of the software weren’t even in the video. There was just a few images displayed on the Bank Tracker Bot website to show their apparent earnings from the system. It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise to find that they were easy enough to find all over Google on other sites and were just stolen images. This was made even more apparent when we couldn’t find any of those on any social media sites either. There is also a Facebook and Twitter widget suggesting comments and tweets were made testifying to the software ability.  Really none of these are real and they certainly can’t be found on any twitter or group for Bank Tracker Bot.  We also found that the Bank Tracker Bot website was registered on the WhoIs Lookup domain age checking website we found that is had been registered for quite sometime. Since August 2015 this software has apparently been available so we were a little confused when we noticed the dates of the promotional video for Bank Tracker Bot. We clicked it through to YouTube and found it was uploaded less than two weeks ago on the 30th May 2016. Surely if the software has been around for almost a year why has the video only been around for two weeks? There is just no reason to put any trust in Michael George or the Bank Tracker Bot software.


Bank Tracker Bot


Scam tactics/final thoughts

If there’s one thing we know at Binary Options Underground it is how to spot a bogus gimmick used by scams just like Bank Tracker Bot every single day. With us having no doubts that Michael George is nothing but a lousy paid actor we are also certain that everything else about him is phony. It is becoming more and more typical to see these guys hiring fancy houses and cars from probably just an afternoon while they throw together a video presentation. It is a clever psychological tactic but it is still just that – a tactic. It is used to make the victims of these scams believe that by using the Bank Track Bot service that they can also achieve the finer things in life. Do you really think you should be taking trading advice off a guy who thinks using his entire investment in his very first trade? It isn’t wise at all and Binary Options Underground would always advice against doing anything of the sort! The site is also full of badges from respected news sites suggesting they have been mentioned on their sites. In reality there is nothing in the archives of any of the likes of CNNMoney or BBC. With all the lies and the scam tactics used in this scam software we are only certain of one verdict for this shady software:


Bank Tracker Bot is a SCAM! Do NOT invest! 


At Binary Options Underground we know that the most important thing for our readers is to stay vigilant by being well informed when it comes to all these scams online. You can always check respected blogs for reviews on any service before signing up as well as the comments sections for the experiences of other traders. It is possible to make the kind of money Bank Tracker Bot suggests you can make but only with legitimate services like Neo2. They’re achieving 85% ITM rates not only for ourselves but for plenty of users across the industry thanks to weather expert Dr Jack Piers. You can head to the blog to check out our full review or head straight to the site here. Thanks for reading our article don’t forget you can subscribe to the blog to get the latest news and don’t hesitate to share this article to help other traders avoid the latest scam.