This Binary Options Underground article is a review of the software ‘Azure Method’.  This is an Auto Trading system brought to you by alleged CEO and founder of Mr Anthony ‘Tony’ Azure who claims his automatic trader provides no losses for its users. We knew this was too good to be true as soon as we landed on the page and this Azure Method review aims to provide a comprehensive list of reasons why.


Overall Summary

Does It Feel Genuine?

Not at all!

Scam Tactics:


Reported Results:

$8750 per hour

Are The Results Proven:


Paid Actor Testimonials:

False testimony.

Price / Cost:

Free, deposit to assigned broker

Type Of Service:

Automatic Trader

Azure Method

Can Azure Methods prove all it claims

When it comes to services like Azure Method we at Binary Options Underground like to try and validate any of their claims to find the chances of it being a scam. We always check into the domain age to see if the dates add up to help prove whether the software is legit. With Azure Method we found them to have been registered for just a few days meaning that the screenshots of accounts for supposed users don’t work out. This means that the apparent profit of the four beta testers are false and none of them made over 300 thousands dollars in just a month. Claiming a software can produce anything like almost $9000 in just an hour is unrealistic but coupled with the no loss claims? This is completely implausible! We also checked Facebook and LinkedIn for credible profiles that would validate Anthony Azure’ s credentials. We couldn’t find anything online other than fake positive reviews or other blogs’ reviews listing Azure Method as a scam. You cannot trust anything said by Anthony or his software and we certainly don’t recommend investing a dollar into this shady service.


Azure Method


Fake testimonial/social proof

In the Azure Method video we are introduced to several people including the four beta testers and the Azure Method team itself. Anthony tries to sell tall stories when he introduces his team by saying ‘Lucas Lopez’ was wanted by all the banks of Wall Street. He also tells us that ‘Sara Mckinnon’  was snagged from Silicon Valley. We did a google search on these names and there was nothing online to verify anything he said. Binary Options Underground also couldn’t find anything on Facebook or LinkedIn for any of these team members or even the alleged beta testers. This suggests that they aren’t who they say they are and are most likely paid actors hired by the scammers behind Azure Method. If you go as far as to enter your details you are taken to a second page which has even more lies. You are shown four pictures of Azure Method users who apparently have active accounts  yet after a simple google image search you find more bogus information. The images are simply stolen stock images and can be found on a multitude of other sites proving once more that Azure Method is very shady.


Azure Method


Scam tactics/final thoughts

The Azure Method states it is opening its site to add 46 people for more beta testing. When you’re watching the video presentation on the site there is a constant pop up telling you there are only 2 spots left. Now if only 46 people can sign up and there’s only 2 spots left how come when we entered Binary Options Underground’s details that there was still 2 left?  This is because it is a common psychological tactic used by the schemers behind scams like Azure Method. It is used to pressure the viewer into believing that this is their only chance to gain access to the software. It is never the case and we can tell you now that the spots will be available for as long as people keep trying to sign up to Azure method. It is simply a way to have you invest all your hard earned money so they can steal it! They also suggest the offer is exclusive for just for your country but simply accessing the site through a VPN or proxy proves it is available elsewhere. Anthony and his beta testers also talk of a bonus added by the broker to get ‘bigger and faster profits’. Binary Options Underground strongly advise against accepting bonuses as they tie your funds up until you have turned over enough profit. With all the evidence stacked against the Azure Method and its creators we can only give one verdict:


Azure Method is a SCAM!


There is good money to be made when it comes to investing in binary options and you can stay vigilant when it comes to avoiding scams. You should always check for reviews with trusted bloggers and respected blogging personnel. You can invest in software like NEO2 who have been delivering a highly profitable 86% ITM rate and offer real email support that were hearing good chatter about across the industry. The NEO2 system is a weather analyzing software that monitors change in solar activities and patterns to determine the effects on the markets. Experts Dr Jack Piers and Amit Gupta teamed up with Michael Freeman to deliver a service we’re happy to verify as legitimate!  You can check out our full in depth review on the blog or head straight to the NEO2 site to sign up. Thank you for reading today’s article don’t hesitate to share across social media to help other traders avoid this Azure Method scam! You can also subscribe to Binary Options Underground to find out about the latest scams tips and legitimate services!