Zeus 2 Scam, A god among scams!

Once again we have yet another poorly executed scam in our hands. However unlike the Greek god, Zeus 2 ‘s accomplishments are marginally less impressive. Zeus2.co is another Binary Trading platform who swears to be like no other software around. Typical. Zeus Auto Trading was created by CEO and bigshot millionaire Mathew Harrison. He claims to have been featured on CNN This Morning, BBC News, Bloomberg Squawk, CNN Business World Finance and Forbes Magazine. With such a high success rate and wide NET worth you would expect him to be top of the list on Google searches, right? That isn’t the case. The extent of internet history for Mike Harrison is a couple of LinkenIn pages to Britons and other key sites related to Fobes. That’s it.

There is literally no evidence of Mathew Harrison anywhere. This fact in itself completely disproves how much this guy is actually worth. Remember his claims of appearing on all these high profile news organisations and magazines? Despite these ridiculous claims his name can barely generate a legitimate social media trail or even LinkedIn for that matter.

The creator of Zeus2 Auto Trading was known on Wall Street as “Mr. Midas” (obviously an ex-wall street guy). He developed a new algorithm for success. This platform performs like a GPS trader. It supposedly uses a ZIO counter algorithm to prevent loss. However the only reason why it doesn’t lose a single trade to the eyes of the viewers is because it may be linked to a number of scam binary options brokers who controls the trades. Although Harrison seems to be making a clean and simple trade, he isn’t. But we’ll get to that later.

The first mistake we spotted from a mile away was the sites time scales. Their video presentation claims to have made 74 millionaires in just 181 days since January 2016. Zeus 2 Auto Trader has already made two painfully stupid mistakes with its time management. The first is their website registration. If you put Zeus 2 Auto Trading’s url into who.is the domain details spring up straight away. Testimonial Helen Palmer claims to have been making $5,000 per day since April 14 2016. Good effort, Helen, the website was only registered on October 25 2016.

Zeus 2 domain registration
Better yet, Zeus 2’s video testimonial was uploaded to Youtube on October 31 2016.

This leads us to our next point, the fake screen shots of successful trades. Here we can see a previous student, Helen Palmer, who appears to have a number of successful traders throughout April of this year. According to the screen shot she began trading on April 16 2016. What is particularly embarrassing about this is directly underneath those screenshots you can see the upload date of Zeus 2’s video onto Youtube: October 31st 2016. It’s actually quite fitting that the upload date coincides with Halloween because the lack of originality or effort is absolutely terrifying.

Zeus trading screenshot

What’s more, a piece of common knowledge is no binary trades occur on weekends or holidays. A couple of the days shown fall on weekends, so there’s no way these would have actually happened. It’s a poor effort, really.

As for their testimonials, the whole ordeal is completely bogus. Most scams will put the effort in to show their testimonials to apply at least a little bit of legitimacy. Zeus Trader hasn’t bothered to put the slightest bit of effort into this factor. The only other person who may be considered as a ‘testimonial’ is the girl at the beginning of the video.

Zeus 2 testimonial
Unfortunately Helen and Mathew from Zeus 2 cannot be with us today due to their lack of existence. Also, Helen Davies has been mentioned on other binary scam websites as “Helen Palmer”, so her identity has also made a quick but subtle change. Good one. Another utter failure on Zeus 2’s part is the unbelievable success rate they stamp all over their video presentation. At present, Zeus 2 Auto Trading promises to make you a ridiculous profit of $605 per hour. That’s right, PER HOUR. That kind of money isn’t possible per day. Zeus 2 Auto Trading also brags of its 100% success rate on all trades. This isn’t true. No auto trader can produce this high level of success – especially on auto-trade. The average return rate on binary trades is around 75%. For Zeus 2 Auto Trading to claim such a stupidly high success rate is unbearably stupid.

Zeus Tradorax

But if you pay close attention to the “placed to be filled before registration closes” on Zeus2.co the supposedly limited number of places are never filled. I left my browser open for a good couple of hours in anticipation. These ‘limited places’ remained at 3. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything on guy in Zeus 2 Auto Trading’s video. However it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know it’s probably a green screen backdrop. Each pause between his sentences imply he is reading from.

Zeus 2 Mike Harrison

Conclusion: Zeus 2 is the God of all SCAMS!

To sum up, hats off to Zeus 2 Auto Trading. It was a fantastic attempt. Well, that’s a lie. It was a terrible attempt. Unfortunately an unholy amount of scams similar to Zeus Auto Trading are flooding the internet at the moment. We know it’s hard to keep up with what’s legitimate and what isn’t. But make sure you keep your eyes on this space to read up on the legitimate binary trading options.