Trianasoft is a binary options scam brought to you by yet more money grabbers only here to steal away your hard earned money.

You can read this review to find out why we’re suggesting you avoid and for proof as to why this is another scam.

Trianasoft 1

Trianasoft is the latest site to hit the web with promises of making huge amounts of cash from small investments  that we know to not be possible. This is brought to you by Michael Wedmore who is the alleged founder and CEO of this scam and mathematician David Campbell who try to appear as the trading dream team in this bogu promo video. First of all Michael talks about Beta testers making tens of thousands a month yet when we looked up how long this websites been active for we found it to have been registered just last week. One week old and yet there are claims along the top of the site that nearly sixty million pounds has been made just this month alone from a 7 day old site! This really is the magic software we’ve all been dreaming of!! How can we be expected to believe this BS from Trianasoft when even further research by us found that there didn’t seem to be anybody in existence proving to be who these guys say they are. We checked Facebook and LinkedIn and we couldn’t find anybody matching these faces with the names we are encouraged to believe by these obvious paid actors.

Further reasons as to why we don’t think you should put any trust into Trianasoft are all the usual gimmicks a phony site this scam have. There are the faked scare tactic timers and limited place counters, which if you refresh the page you can see for yourself just how real they are. In the video Michael tells you that the software will be charging 10,000 dollars a month which is just a ridiculously overpriced amount to sucker you into believing that by signing up now and gaining access for free you’ve already made money by not being charged. Now the software isn’t free, you will still be depositing money into a broker. Michael also verbally tells you that you were shown proof by David of the Trianasoft system in action when you weren’t. We could see a screen in the background while David was talking that’s it. This is a clear psychological tactic to ensure the viewer believes the lies they are being told. The testimonials on the site can’t even be trusted as a quick google search proves all the images of apparent users of Trianasoft to be stock images or stolen from other sites. Depending on the location you view the site from you will also see that the same faces will be matched to a different name and nationality and be switched yet again if you view the site from another country.

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Trianasoft also claims that they have over 17,000 members. Now based on the fact that this site was registered just seven days ago on the 7th of March 2016 that already seems far fetched. However, coupled with the fact that their shady promo vid can be clicked through to YouTube you can see that it has amassed just shy of 400 views. Those figures don’t exactly add up and you should expect thousands of views is so many people had already signed up. Trianasoft is absolutely a scam and you shouldn’t trust this thing with even a dollar of your money. They have paid sham sites to push out positive reviews endorsing this dangerous AutoTrader to trick unsuspecting people into investing money and you should not trust Trianasoft or the people behind it one bit.

You should always be vigilant by sticking to respected blogs in the binary options industry where you can find honest reviews and check out the comments section to see real peoples real encounters with shady sites like this one. It is without uncertainty that we give this website its verdict:

Trianasoft is a dangerous Scam you need to steer well clear of!


You can check out our Trusted Signals page to find legitimate and verified services that can make you good money with binary options trading. You can even head over to our review of CopyBuffett to find out why we and several other respected blogs have verified it as a trusted service that delivers on its promises! Remember to share this Trianasoft review to help out newbies and other day traders who could fall foul to this awful Trianasoft scam.

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