Trade Tracker Pro is a binary options scam site designed to swallow up every last penny of your investment. You can read this Trade Tracker Pro review of extensive proof and reasoning as to why you should be avoiding this awful scam and sticking to only verified and tested methods of making money online.

Can’t be bothered to read the review in full? No problem, we all get a little tired of reading. Let us do the hard work for you! Watch the video below to hear the audio version.

Trade Tracker Pro is another site in a never ending list of scams that are out to destroy the credibility of making money online.

We know these sites like the back of our hands now. They pop up all over the show and the actors get funnier every time but definitely takes home the most obvious actor award with this guy Derek Stone. This guy walks out of a building in the first shot of the promo video and proceeds to tell us that he was propositioned by the creators of Trade Tracker Pro to quit his job and make $80,000 in his first month. First of all who else walks out of their office building to a film crew? Perhaps the people behind scam sites like these that use psychological tactics to make you believe their dangerous lies. Second of all Derek Stone is presenting this video to us from January 2016 stating that is when he quit work and when he put money into this software. We did a little digging on Google and found that according to WhoIs the website was only purchased In March. Already we are proving that anything told to you in this promotional video is  absolute BS. You should absolutely avoid investing anything into Trade Tracker Pro.

Further interesting points we would like to raise about Trade Track Pro are the very claims that $80,000 can be made in a month from as little as a $250 investment. Any competent trader knows this simply isn’t possible for  such a small amount of money. At one point Derek Stone claims he make over $25000 in one week and takes the camera to an ATM machine. He attempts to trick viewers into believing that the one thousand dollars he draws out of the cash machine is from an instant bank transfer from his broker to his personal bank. Again anyone who has been around in the binary options trading world knows that a withdrawal process takes up to 5 business days and its never instantaneous like this actor tries to have you believe. also contains the ever so dreaded gimmick of it being a limited time offer and suggests there is only 1 spot left! Be quick if you want to lose all your invested money, sign up now!! Don’t waste your time, efforts or hard earned money on this malicious service.

 Trade Tracker Pro 1

In the production it is stated that the entire Trade Tracker Pro software is free. It is not free. Nothing like this ever is, you will always have to at least deposit to a broker. Derek Stone goes on to tell you that their foolproof system even offers a 60 day money back guarantee which is funny considering you don’t need to pay a penny? The only thing this software can guarantee is  that come sixty days time you will not get a penny of your investment back nor any replies from the cheap scam artists behind this nasty Scam.

There is absolutely no way we would advice or endorse these hideous product and beyond a shadow of a doubt our verdict could only be one thing:

Trade Tracker Pro is a SCAM that you must avoid!

There is always good money to be made online with binary options. You just need to be vigilant in where you choose to invest your cash. You can check out our Trusted Signals page for verified services like signal groups and trusted brokers that deliver on their promises. You should check out a highly recommended service that we have reviewed by clicking on the blog tab above. The software has actually delivered on its promised results for hundreds so far and you will not be disappointed! You should always be sure to read respected blogs and their comments sections for real peoples real experiences with binary options services. Thank you for reading this review, do not hesitate to share this review and your experiences with Trade Tracker Pro below to help out any perspective traders.