Today’s Binary Options Underground article is a review of binary options software ‘The Millionaires Maker’. It is an Auto Trading system brought to you by alleged founder and CEO of ‘Martin’. There are many reasons why we’re highly skeptical of this system including the false testimonies and the bogus ‘facts’ presented to you by ‘Martin’ the voice over actor. You should be sure to read our full review in order to find out exactly why you need to avoid The Millionaires Maker and not deposit a single dollar.


Does It Feel Genuine? 

Not at all!

Scam Tactics:


Reported Results: 

90% Win Ratio & up to $15,000 per day.

Are The Results Proven: 


Paid Actor Testimonials: 


Price / Cost: 

Free, deposit to assigned broker

Type Of Service: 

Automatic Trader


The Millionaires Maker


Can The Millionaires Maker prove any of its claims?

We At Binary Options Underground are going to start with the only information we have on The Millionaires Maker owner ‘Martin’. We weren’t even given a second name let alone a picture or even him on camera for the promotional video. This means straight away that there is no way to verify any of his details by finding profiles on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. All we have is some voice over actor offering weird analogies wasting half the video leaving no actual information about the software or how it performs. What’s more interesting here is that without showing why or how the apparent auto trader works Martin fills the viewers with miss information about rags to riches trader stories. The information about ‘Sam Cook’ the Plymouth teen who turned just £2000 into £21 million pounds is false and he wasn’t even a trader just a young fraudster who was jailed for his actions. All the claims made by The Millionaires Maker are as bogus as the software the cowards behind this scam claim to be releasing. We absolutely do not suggest you invest into this binary options scam.


The Millionaires Maker


False testimony/social proof

The Millionaires Maker video presentation starts with 3 video testimonials by apparent users of the software suggesting some have made hundreds to thousands of dollars each day. Binary Options Underground are a little eagle eyed and by the third testimony we knew we were dealing with paid actors once again. With no introduction or any information about herself we are told by ‘user 3’ that the software made her over $800 just that day. This is impossible considering she is actually Fiverr actress under the username ‘Jessi_m545’ who has not only been found in many scams before but was outed by Michael Freeman. The site has recently changed so that all the things that have been changed on the site that had previously be proved to be fictitious are no longer on the site. We’re pretty sure that the other two testimonies come from paid actors and that there is no evidence of any real users on places like Facebook or Twitter. If even the owner of this so called software can’t put a face to a full name then how can the viewers be expected to believe any profits can come from this scam. Binary Options Underground is definitely sure that The Millionaires Maker software is phony from the start to the end.

The Millionaires Maker

Scam tactics/final thoughts

The Millionaires Maker software suggests that they’re offering the software to only 50 beta test users. At Binary Options Underground we always like to check the domain age with the WhoIs LookUp tool and we found that the site was registered in June 2015. Surely if there is only space for 50 users then those spots would have been take n up already? The truth is the software is available for as long as anyone wants to sign up and this is just a common scam tactic. The Millionaires Maker system tries to suggest it can offer a 90% ITM rate for its users. Firstly it is pretty much impossible for any Auto Trading software to be able to provide and secondly there is absolutely no evidence that this software can preform. Even more evidence for that is the fact that there is no footage or even a screenshot of what the software looks like let alone a live demonstration. With all this in mind and after reviewing all the evidence The Millionaires Maker system has to offer we could only arrive at one possible verdict:


The Millionaires Maker is a SCAM! Do not invest!!


You can stay vigilant with these scams by always checking respected blogs and their blacklists to ensure any product hasn’t been labeled a scam before investing. There is good and honest money to be made online when it comes to investing with Binary Options.Take NEO2 for instance – This software analyzes solar patterns and the changes in weather in order to predict the effect the changes will have on the stock market. Weather expert Dr Jack Piers and Amit Gupta the tech start up guru teamed up along with Michael Freeman to offer a service with an 86% ITM rate software which produces high profitability. You can check the review of NEO2 n the blog or visit the site here directly to get started! Thank you for reading The Millionaires Maker review and don’t forget you can share across social media to help other traders in avoiding scams. You can also subscribe to the Binary Options Underground blog and check out our Trusted Signals page for the latest news and tips.