A new binary options service has hit the town and you better be ready for it! Our stock market blast review will certainly get you excited and wanting to sign up right away! We analyse if this software is legitimate and if the earnings or claims are realistic in the industry. As always we will do in depth research behind any testimonial or presenting actors to make sure they weren’t hired for 5 bucks from fiverr.com. So why not stick around and read our full review, it might just be the best decision you make today!

Before we continue we’d like to point something out from the start. This service is NOT available to US traders unfortunately. The Stock Market Blast guys really care about the brokers being regulated and legitimate. So much so that they decided to leave out a huge market, but we suppose this means they aren’t desperate to get sales which is always a good thing.

We managed to get a little peak at the StocksMarketBlast.com software and right from the off we were amazed at how accurate and intuitive this software was. It really was so simple and easy to use, even your grandma could use it. Upon loading the website we are NOT greeted with any of the normal boring scam tactics. There are no count down timers, no frustrating pop ups, no ridiculous earnings claims and amazingly the site presentation actually comes across as authentic. As we analysed the Stock Market Blast presentation deeper we found something quite unusual. There was not a single trace of any fiverr.com actors at all, or any actors for that matter. The video is not an individual claiming that the software is his and he wants to give it away, its simply an animation explaining what binary options are and how we can profit from them.

Stock Market Blast

Something thats highly notable is that Stock Market Blast doesn’t use any pressuring sales tactics in order to get people to enter their details. In fact they only actually say this once followed by “feel free to leave your phone number too”. This sort of take it or leave it feel is highly commendable with any service. It improves the legitimacy of anything as users feel more at ease to make an informed decision, exactly what scam services DONT want. Another great thing we noticed about Stock Market Blast was the completely possible claims. $123 an hour trading binary options is not only more than possible, if you know what you are doing its fairly easy. With no bogus claims of $2,000,000 every 30 seconds like most scams, this service really is starting to feel like the real deal.

Next we turned our attention to the testimonials. Each one of them testified a gain that was easily achievable based on the starting balance. Turning $250 into $600 is very easy in just a few trades. Now heres our favourite thing about Stock Market Blast, drum roll please! its absolutely free to get the software, all you have to do is sign up to a legitimate EU regulated broker and your completely covered. This is exactly why our Stock Market Blast review uncovered this meant bad news for US traders, but hey, maybe one day they will make it available for the US. Don’t lose hope!

Stock Market Blast

So how does Stock Market Blast work?

Well its actually really simple. Obviously there is immense computing power invested into trying to predict the next huge stock market move. Let me bore you for a moment: we know that gold directly negatively correlates with the US dollar. Say we know of a stock that might influence the dollar, any movement will have a knock on effect with gold meaning we could potentially predict a movement 3 stocks down the line. Well these computers could predict movements based on correlations 100s of stocks down the line all in pretty much real time. Wall street has access to a lot of this information however a lot of it is fairly useless because the movement is so small. A normal stock trader cant really profit from a 0.001% increase in a stock unless they throw millions into it, however a Binary Options trader could.

Wall Street basically passes this useless information to binary options brokers which is where Stock Market Blast comes into play. These small movements can be automatically traded automatically by Stock Market Blast meaning you don’t have to lift a finger and benefit from the beauty which is auto trading in a genuine environment!

Verdict: Stock Market Blast is LEGITIMATE and NOT a scam!

If you feel ready to reap the benefits of stocksmarketblast.com you can SIGN UP right away by clicking here. We’d love to hear your experience with this service, so if you have signed up and are using the software, please share your results below for the benefit of anyone else reading this article. If you are new to Binary Options we always advise that you use a demo account so you can get the hang of things. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list in the side bar for the latest news on genuine services and scam blacklisting’s! Thank you for reading this Stock Market Blast review and safe trading.