Today’s Binary Options Underground article is a review of the software ‘Playboy Money Machine’.  It is an Auto Trading system brought to you by the alleged owner ‘ladies man’ Mr James Benson who claims Playboymoney has been around for five years generating profits. You should read our full review to find out exactly why we aren’t putting any trust into Playboy Money Machine or believing a word Mr Benson says.


Overall Summary

Does It Feel Genuine?

Not at all!

Scam Tactics:


Reported Results:

40,000 a week

Are The Results Proven:


Paid Actor Testimonials:

We believe so.

Price / Cost:

Free, deposit to assigned broker

Type Of Service:

Automatic Trader


Playboy Money Machine


Can Playboy Money Machine prove any of its claims?

We will start with the Playboy Money Machine promotional video and how James Benson claims that the software has supposedly been around for years. Binary Options Underground would suggest give the video and miss and not bothering to watch the sleazy Playboy Money Machine presentation at all. He states in his pitch that some ‘nerd’ on a drunken night bet him that if James could get him ‘laid’ then he would give him free access to his ‘money making machine’. If you listen closely James states that this had been going for over five years  and there are account screenshots dated in January of 2016 and December of 2013.  According to the ever trusty WhoIs Lookup Playboy Money Machine’s website was only registered in May 2016. Four weeks is significantly less time than 5 years and it begs the question what else are they being dishonest about? We also noticed that in the beginning of the video it states only 30 people are invited to join but on Playboy Money Machine site itself it says there are 50 spots. They haven’t even got their story straight so we definitely cannot trust them to be telling the truth with anything else!


Playboy Money Machine


Fake testimonial/social proof

There are video testimonials for Playboy Money Machine but we at Binary Options Underground do not believe them for a second. They’re a little better than the usual Fiverr gigs but the acting is probably some of the most terrible we’ve ever seen. Three people including Charles Evans and Emily Harris all claim to have made millions with James’ Playboy Money Machine but they only offer screenshots of their broker balances as proof. These are so easy to fake and manipulate that we do not recommended taking them at face value. The only other things used in the Playboy Money Machine testimonials to elude to wealth is some badly done green screening. With all the people in the video including the apparent owner James Benson cannot be found on Facebook or LinkedIn. This is usually a good way to try and validate the credentials of both supposed users and the person claiming to own the software. We couldn’t find profiles matching any of their names or faces to verify any of their identities which makes Binary Options Underground believe they are nothing more than paid actors. We don’t trust anything about the Playboy Money Machine software and we urge you to steer well clear of investing any money into this shady system.


Playboy Money Machine


Scam tactics/final thoughts

The Playboy Money Machine is full of the usual gimmicks that scams like this offer. They have a spots left counter telling you there’s only 50 places left accompanies by a timer used to suggest how long is left before the spaces are gone. When the timer reaches zero nothing happens and when you refresh the page the timer simply starts again. This is because Playboy Money Machine is available for as long as people keep trying to sign up and isn’t limited at all. In the video James appears in fancy places like the inside of a pricey car the runway outside a private jet and then in the jet itself. All of this is to lead the viewers to believe that Playboy Money Machine software has made him enough money to afford those finer things in life. In reality this is just a cruel psychological tactic used to trick the viewers. All of those things where green screened as James definitely doesn’t have the money for a yacht or private jet! Playboy Money Machine hasn’t made the kind of money to afford anything like what the video tries to have you believe! Binary Options underground can only come to on conclusion after reviewing all the evidence on this awful and shady software and that is this verdict:


Playboy Money Machine is a cheap SCAM!


It is possible to remain vigilant when it comes to the software available to invest in with binary options. You should always read reviews from other respected blogs and check the comment sections for real experiences from real traders. You can also check out our Trusted Signals pages for services just like the NEO2 software which is the latest Auto Trader actually living up to its expectations! You can sign up to find the highly profitable 85% ITM rate brought to you through the Auto Trader making its trades based on solar analysis from weather experts. You can head to the blog for our full in depth review or straight to the NEO2 site here. Thank you for reading this Playboy Money Machine review and don’t forget to share this article across social media to help other traders in avoiding scams. You can also subscribe to Binary Options Underground to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.