Today’s Binary Options Underground article is a review of Hoffman Stein also known as Nexus App. is a website for an Auto Trading software brought to you by the alleged founder and CEO Mr Anthony Henderson. This scam is doing the rounds in the industry and we thought we’d warn our readers as soon as possible to help you avoid signing up to Hoffman Stein. You can read our comprehensive list of reasons as to why we are blacklisting this service.


Overall Summary

Does It Feel Genuine? 

Not at all!

Scam Tactics: 


Reported Results: 

$125,000 per week

Are The Results Proven: 


Paid Actor Testimonials: 


Price / Cost: 

Free, deposit to assigned broker

Type Of Service: 

Automatic Trader


Hoffman Stein


Can Hoffman Stein prove all its claims?

In the first few minutes of the Hoffman Stein presentation video Henderson displays a fake article claiming they made 82 million in 2015. As our readers will know Binary Options Underground tries to verify any claims with dates or time stamps by checking the domain out on WhoIs Lookup. We found that the website was registered a couple of months ago back in February of 2016. Straight away Anthony Henderson is lying to us with claims of the Hoffman Stein software creating millions of dollars while the site didn’t even exist! You’d think they’d be telling us about their sorcery skills of creating profit before a site exists not an AutoTrader! It is also worth noting that Mr Henderson doesn’t actually appear in his promotional video through either video footage or photograph. Not only is this because he is just a voice over actor but it means there’s no way to find him on Facebook or LinkedIn to validate his credentials. For him to say his company can make you $125,000 per week is ridiculously unrealistic and any trader should know this is simply outrageous. There is also no record that the Hoffman Stein Capital company exists anywhere either! So we’re not sure exactly how they make you that amount of money to begin with. We do not trust anything about Hoffman Stein and urge you guys to draw the same conclusion.


Hoffman Stein


Fake testimonials/social proof

The Hoffman Stein presentation is pumped full of false testimonials from the marketplace Fiverr. One guy claiming to be user ‘Phillip Peterson’ states he has made almost two million dollars from the Hoffman Stein software. However Binary Options Underground readers may even recognize him since he has featured in so many of these scams before! He is actually Fiverr actor ‘SimplySoccerPro’ and sells his lies for as little as $5 dollars a video testimony. It’s hard for us to even consider this scam as legitimate when not only does the company not really exist but its only user testimonies as also false. The promotional video is also full of bogus news articles! They suggest credible companies like The Wall Street Journal Bloomberg and the Los Angeles Times have all written about Hoffman Stein. In reality not one of the articles highlighted in the presentation can be found in any of the archives online. This is because it is just more phony evidence cooked up by the schemers behind this scam trying to sucker in gullible traders. There is also no evidence online to suggest ‘Anthony Henderson’ worked at any Wall Street hedge fund bank as suggested in the video. We urge our readers to steer well clear of Hoffman Stein to avoid losing any of your hard earned money.


Hoffman Stein


Scam tactics/final thoughts

According to Anthony Henderson Hoffman Stein only allows 15 people who are supposedly randomly selected from the invite list to be accepted per day as new users. This is not in the slightest bit true. You can sign up for a spot at any point and be accepted to invest your money into this scam. The site also has the usual gimmicks of a spots left counter that starts close to one hundred and counts all the way down to one. This is a psychological tactic used to trick the trader into thinking this is their last chance to sign up.  In actual fact if you just refresh the page the counter restarts itself. This is the same for time countdown telling you that you only have around ten minutes to sign up. The only information online about Hoffman Stein is either other bloggers reporting the service as a scam or faked reviews testifying to the software which are simply paid for by the system itself. We at Binary Options Underground highly encourage you guys to give this one a miss and look for much more credible Auto Traders. After reviewing all the facts and highlighting all the evidence suggesting this software is absolute bogus we can only give it one verdict:


Hoffman Stein is a SCAM! Do NOT trust it!


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