Today’s Binary Options Underground article is review of the software ‘Google Trader’. This is an Auto Trading system put together and brought to you by alleged CEO and founder of Mr Ben Williams. This software makes unrealistic and unfounded claims to try and sucker you into investing your hard earned money. You should read all the facts in the Binary Options Underground Google Trader review to find out exactly why we’re blacklisting this scam.


Overall Summary

Does It Feel Genuine? 

Not at all!

Scam Tactics: 


Reported Results: 

$4300 per day

Are The Results Proven: 


Paid Actor Testimonials: 

False testimony.

Price / Cost: 

Free, deposit to assigned broker

Type Of Service: 

Automatic Trader

Google Trader

Can Google Trader prove any of its claims?

First of all Ben Williams tries to claim that Google Trader has been in existence since 2013. In the promotional video you are also shown screenshots of apparent withdrawals of Google Trader profit dated from February 2015 to June 2015. As our readers will know we at Binary Options Underground like to check domains out with an age checker and so we head to the ever trusted WhoIs Lookup tool. We found that Google Trader and its website had been registered since December 2015. We’d love to know how that’s even close to 2013 or how profits where withdrawn in say March 2015 from a software that didn’t even exist. You are being lied to immediately and there is no way we would recommend depositing any money with this bogus software. We also tried to verify Ben’s credentials by looking for social media profiles matching his face and details. We found no Facebook or LinkedIn profiles that corresponded with any of his details. Mr Williams also claims that the software could be making you over $4000 a day but this is simply achievable from a small investment of $250. The also claim they have a no loss system but this is as ridiculous as it is impossible! We would certainly encourage our readers to steer well clear of Google Trader.


Google Trader


Fake testimonial/social proof

Binary Options Underground would like to start with the fact that on the Google Trader website there are quite a few screen grab images of Facebook comments. Since you couldn’t not click them through we went straight to the site and searched for their Facebook Profile. We did find a page that seemed to have been created less than a few weeks ago in May 2016. We tried to scroll down the wall but found that actually nobody have ever written on their wall or commented any of the comments shown on the site. The individuals testifying in the promotional video for Google Trader also didn’t have anything e could validate their authenticity with either. There is also no link whatsoever with Google Trader to Google Inc. As stated in the video by Ben that the software was powered by Google Search. Binary Options Underground don’t believe for a second that anyone is making or has ever made money with the Google Trader software. We certainly do not urge any of our readers to invest a single dollar into Google Trader.


Google Trader


Scam tactics/final thoughts

When you load the Google Trader site the title of the tab itself suggests that this software will only be available for a ‘limited time only’ when this is simply not true. This is has been available all year and will be around for as long as people keep trying to sign up. On the Google Trader web page there is a live trades widget that continuously updates with supposed winning trades it is taking. There is absolutely no way to verify the live trades as they do not offer the strike rate in order to back trace whether the trades were real. In the video Ben Claims the Google Trader performs with no losses yet on the site it states they offer a 96.47% ITM rate. Not only are neither of those possible but you’d think they would at least make sure all the details were correct and they didn’t contradict themselves. We have no doubts that the Google Trader system is a scam and that the only thing this software is guaranteed to do is lose your money. With all the facts laid out Binary Options Underground can only offer one verdict:


Google Trader is a SCAM!


You should remain vigilant when it comes to trading online and investing money with binary options by sticking to trusted and reputable blogs and blogger personnel. You should always read reviews online and check the comments sections for real experiences from real people. There are legitimate services available for traders which you can find on our Trusted Signals page. Services like the NEO2 software that uses weather analysis to monitor the effects they have on the markets. There’s Copy Buffett for Auto Trades that are formed by the experts behind the system who reverse engineered the way Warren Buffett traded the financial markets. If Auto Trading isn’t what you’re looking for you can also head to Mikes Binary Options Signals for a fantastic group full of traders. They provide manual signals for over 2000 members every day proving weekly tested ITM rates of well over 75%. We have full reviews for all the verified services on the blog! Thank you for reading today’s article and don’t forget to share this review on social media to help over traders avoid the scam. You can also subscribe to Binary Options Underground to get the latest news and tip and be the first to find out how to avoid the latest scams just like Google Trader.