Today’s Binary Options Underground article is a review of new Auto Trading software Crunch Tech. The software is brought to you by both CEO and owners of Mr Rick Paulson and David Avery. The system has been officially released to the public today after selected personnel from the binary options industry have had prior access in order to test the software. You should read our full review and the reviews of other respected bloggers before making any investment decisions about this Crunch Tech Software.


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$89 per hour

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Free, deposit to assigned broker

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Automatic Trader


Crunch Tech


We At Binary Options Underground would like to start by telling our readers that the Crunch Tech software was only registered last week. According to the WhoIs Lookup site it was registered on the 16th of June 2016. This is no worrying factor for us however as after watching the full presentation there are no claims that users have been making insane profits for a long period of time. This is a a promising sign that the owners of Crunch Tech Rick and David are not trying to lie about their software or promoting false testimonies. Furthermore on the website itself there are also no false written testimonies that you can usually find on the scam sites which make us feel far more comfortable with this software. What also make the Crunch Tech software feel more genuine is that given they offered the software out to the industry before the public. This is because they clearly wanted real and honest feedback. This shows that they wanted to ensure the system was ready and achieving the results they claim are possible before releasing to eager binary options traders. With all this in mind we were more than happy to make a small deposit and test Crunch Tech out in order to bring our honest and unbiased review to our readers.

Crunch Tech

In the promotional video for Crunch Tech both the presenter Briana Mathison and the owners Rick Paulson and David Avery explain their technology and why they formed their company. Rick is a weather enthusiast and previously worked for Planted HQ where he worked with colleagues to upgrade their Pixus software. This was the GPS system that is the largest sensor supplying data ten times faster than any other GPS sensor. Having access to this meant that when he met up with his friend David Avery together they formed a powerful team that created the Crunch Tech. David has extensive background knowledge and experience in the financial markets and knew all too well how fast these Auto Trading systems come around. He is a computing expert who has worked with tech companies leading his expertise with Algo Trading. With both of these guys putting their talents together they have created a software that can predict how next years weather will affect the stocks and commodities before the markers catch up. They say they didn’t create the software to become some kind of overnight millionaires but to help and offer everyday people steady and extra income.

Crunch Tech claims that they can offer a win rate equivalent to $89 per hour and around $4500 per week in profits. This is a pretty reasonable offering for an Auto Trader unlike most of the scams suggesting you can make tens of thousands of dollars in the space of a few days which is highly unrealistic. The software is also completely free for the first 90 days meaning that the profits you do lock in are entirely yours. After the 90 days are over the Crunch Tech software is expected to be sold per license fee at $790. This means you will be more than able to afford based on our results. We at Binary Options Underground are achieving an average of an 80% ITM rate after trading all day today and have made around $78 per hour. We are more than happy with these kind of results and will be more than happy to continue trading using the Crunch Tech software well after the 90 day free trial. The software will assign you a broker and you only need to make a small deposit of $250 in order to start profiting with Crunch Tech straight away.


Crunch Tech


With all the information we’ve found out about the Crunch Tech software along with the current results we have experienced today we’re pretty content that this system is legitimate. You can check google for further confirmation of the kind of ITM rates Crunch Tech is providing for other real users of the software as well as the results from other bloggers or testers of the software. We will also continue using the software and keep you updated with the Binary Options Underground results so don’t forget to keep checking our blog. The software also offers full online support via email at [email protected] so you can email any queries right over. They are also working on making sure the software is available worldwide! You can head straight to the Crunch Tech site here to sign up today. With all the facts reviewed and in light of the results we are receiving we’re happy to offer our verdict:


Crunch Tech is NOT a scam and is a Legitimate service!


You can always remain vigilant when it comes to the services available to invest in with binary options. You should always read reviews from other respected blogs and check the comment sections for real experiences from other traders. You could also check our Trusted Signals pages for all the legitimate systems that’s are available in the binary options industry. Thank you for reading this article and don’t forget you can always share this article to spread the word of the Crunch Tech software. You can also subscribe to Binary Options Underground to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.