We’ve caught wind of a new Auto Trader being launched named BinaDroid 2. Today we will be review the software and determine whether we think this is another binary options scam or if this new software is the real deal. There’s a lot of hype going on in the industry about this the BinaDroid 2 Software App so please read our review in depth to find out more about Binadroid2.com

BinaDroid 2


Overall Summary


Genuine Feel Sort of. The Presentation isn’t very convincing however the proof is in the results
Scam Tactics None really, it doesn’t contain anything like countdown timers or pop ups
Reported Results The results that have been reported are 80%+ ITM
Proven Results Not in the system however we were able to gain similar results
Paid Testimonials None, however there is a paid actor presenting in the video
Price / Cost Free – You must deposit into a broker (You can select which broker you’d like)
Type Of Service Fully automated trading and manual trading solution


We have to say we are pleasantly surprised and this thing is bringing us lots of positive reasons as to why we think this BinaDroid 2 service is genuine!


On the site itself there are no scarcity countdown timers or faked spots left widgets. We are simply introduced via the promo video to the creator of BinaDroid 2 Troy Everett who informs us of up to 90% win rate the Auto Trader is promoting. This  peaked our interest immediately since they accepted that there are losses when trading. Secondly, they rightfully admit that a 100% win rate in practically impossible. Finally some honesty! We are also informed that the BinaDroid 2 software is available worldwide and can be accessed from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet as well as a PC/laptop. This is excellent news for Traders on the go and people who don’t currently own a PC device. We are also hearing wonderful news from respected bloggers in the binary options industry and we’re seeing lots of positive news which is a big deal when it comes to staying safe when trading.

Our favorite selling point of the BinaDroid 2 is something we hear about A LOT in this industry. When it comes to the AutoTrader’s out these days most of the services do not include a choice of broker. This is because you are usually allocated one. BinaDroid 2 actually offers a choice!! Whats great is they are working with honest and regulated CySEC registered brokers including brokers like CherryTrade. This is a huge pro in of why we think this Auto Trader is definitely worth a shot. Further reasoning behind our endorsing of this product is that BinaDroid 2 also offers short term trades including 1 and 5 minute. You can get started with as little as $5 minimum for each trade. This is excellent news for those who wish to tread carefully and even better for reviewers like ourselves. This is because it enables us to recommend to you guys that if this was a scam then they would want to blow through your account as soon as possible. The software even allows for semi-automated trading allowing for each user to select which currency pairs they wish the bot to trade from. We are really excited about the amazing BinaDroid 2 software right now.

Live Trading and Results

The BinaDroid 2 software also offers 24/7 support via email which is always helpful when trying a new product. We know how frustrating it can be not having anywhere to turn with new products. In the promotional video Troy also explains why he wants the software to be free for users after all his ideas were stolen by bigger corporations and left him with nothing. There’s authenticity in his story as he has been one of us and lost everything after putting his trust into something. There are no monthly subscription costs or hidden charges later on and there is no profit revenue share either for anyone who signs up before the software is marketed globally. You will need to make your deposit with a broker of course but that money is still yours once in the broker account. Furthermore since the BinaDroid 2 software is working with regulated brokers you can be sure you can withdraw at any point. We checked up on WhoIs Lookup and found this site for have been registered around a month ago. This didn’t worry us since Troy Everett didn’t try to convince us of any fictitious testimonials or lie about how long the site had been open.

After reading this review we hope you come to the same conclusions we here at Binary Options Underground have and are ready to give this terrific new BinaDroid 2 software a try. You will not be disappointed and that is why we are giving our verdict:


BinaDroid 2 is NOT a scam and we are making BinaDroid.com one of our verified services!

BinaDroid 2

Always be sure to stay vigilant by sticking to respected blogs and reading their reviews. You can check out our Trusted Signals page to find more services like BinaDroid 2 that have been tried and tested by ourselves! Thank you for reading this review and don’t hesitate to share our findings. Check out our Binadroid 2 Video Review