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Author: Timmy Harrison

Zeus 2 Auto Trading: A God among scams!

Zeus 2 Scam, A god among scams! Once again we have yet another poorly executed scam in our hands. However unlike the Greek god, Zeus 2 ‘s accomplishments are marginally less impressive. is another Binary Trading platform who swears to be like no other software around. Typical. Zeus Auto Trading was created by CEO and bigshot millionaire Mathew Harrison. He claims to have been featured on CNN This Morning, BBC News, Bloomberg Squawk, CNN Business World Finance and Forbes Magazine. With such a high success rate and wide NET worth you would expect him to be top of the...

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Orion Code: A lazy duplicate and a scam!

Orion Code isn’t worth your time or money! The Orion code is the newest auto-trader scam to hit the scene. But unlike most auto-traders this one lacks both imagination and originality. Subscribers were lucky enough to receive an email invitation offering Orion Code’s unique opportunity of making truckloads of cash on a daily basis. The innovative system promises its investors overvalued promises of $10,000 (for first time users) to $100,000 within 30 days of using the Orion code software. The aim of Orion Code is to turn you into a millionaire overnight. That simple, right? Wrong! When you access, providing...

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